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January 25, 2024 - January 29, 2024

El Salvador

City Tours & Sightseeing

5 Days, 4 Nights


El Salvador is a small Central American country known for its beautiful beaches, vibrant culture, and delicious cuisine. Its capital is San Salvador and the official language is Spanish. It has a population of approximately 6.5 million people and its currency is the US dollar.

El Salvador has many interesting places to visit and activities to do. Here are some recommendations:

  • Explore the Mayan ruins of Tazumal and Joya de Cerén.

  • Relax on the beaches of El Tunco or El Zonte.

  • Visit the charming colonial town of Suchitoto.

  • Hike up the Santa Ana Volcano for stunning views.

  • Take a dip in the natural hot springs of Ataco.

  • Learn about El Salvador's history at the National Museum of Anthropology in San Salvador.

  • Enjoy traditional Salvadoran cuisine, such as pupusas and ceviche.

  • Shop for local handicrafts at the markets of San Salvador or the town of Nahuizalco.

  • Experience the vibrant nightlife of San Salvador's Zona Rosa.

  • Go surfing at one of the many surf spots along the coast.

*Passport required

Group Departure City: Miami, Florida


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