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Frequently Asked Questions


How does Melanin Globe group travel work?

Maybe you're like the majority of our tribe, you want to try something new, but your friends aren't ready to book trips when you are. If this is the case, you've found your tribe! Our curators at Melanin Globe understand the importance of good group travel experiences. This is a vacation for you, an 4-10 day escape from reality. With less time spent on planning itineraries, meals, and accommodations, you have more time to focus on a cultural experience of a lifetime. Being surrounded by like-minded individuals, group travel offers you the chance to create new memories and make new friends.

Is there a specific age group to travel with Melanin Globe?

Our tours are designed for the open-minded and those truly interested in a real cultural experience. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to travel domestically and internationally, which means we do everything we can to provide you with quality destinations.

Can your team create custom group itineraries?

We are no longer creating itineraries for those who are not traveling with Melanin Globe.

What if I decide to return home before the departure date?

If you decide to end your trip early due to sickness, personal reasons, or loss of interest, you are responsible for any additional costs incurred by interrupting the trip. This includes, but is not limited to your return flight, transportation, and meals. You will not be reimbursed for any portion of the trip that you missed.

What if a destination requires shots and I decline the shot?

Proof of your vaccination is required to enter some countries. This proof is not valid until 10 days after you get the vaccine because of the time it takes for the medicine to protect you, so you may need to change your travel plans if you can't get the vaccine soon enough or you decide you do not want to get vaccinated.

What happens if I am rude or unpleasant to our group leader or fellow travelers?

Melanin Globe reserves the right to accept, reject or expel any individual who is deemed disruptive or incompatible with the interests of the group, including, but not limited to: individuals who are intoxicated and/or under the influence of drugs, individuals involved in physical and verbal altercations, and individuals who do not show decency and respect for others. Any traveler released from a trip will incur the cost of any cancellation fees and/or costs for alternate travel plans to return home. All unused services are non-refundable.

When will you provide me with the complete itinerary?

Melanin Globe reserves the right to amend your itinerary prior to departure or while on tour. 100 days prior to the date of travel, we will provide you with our complete itinerary. We will always make an effort to minimize inconvenience for our travelers, however, some circumstances may require us to make adjustments, such as changing the order of city tours due to national holidays, unexpected weather conditions, flight schedules, or any other issues that may affect your travel experience.

What if I have medical issues that I do not want to share with our group leader? Is this a requirement?

We ask that you share all medical concerns with us prior to the date of departure. If you are in need of medical support during the trip, or you may need a seatbelt extender while traveling, these are important factors that we should be made aware of immediately.


How does Melanin Globe accept payments?

After paying the first invoice manually through email. The remainder payments are automatically taking from Traveler's card you used. If you would like to pay in full, you will have the option to do so. There is no credit or discount for paying your trip in full. The payments will be charged on the fifteenth day of each month through the end of the agreed payment schedule or until permission has been removed by Traveler. No late payment extensions, no exceptions.

Why is the single supplement fee mandatory?

Most of the hotel rooms designed for 2 passengers in a room which breaks the cost. Melanin Globe, LLC tour prices are also calculated based on 2 passengers which is the optimum price. Solo travelers need to pay the single supplement fee upon their booking so that we could confirm their hotel.

Am I responsible for the cost of a name correction?

Melanin Globe will send a request to you via email to provide us with your full name that matches your passport to avoid issues at check-in, prior to departure. Please be sure that before you submit your name and other required information, that you double check it before you click "submit". If you need to make any changes, please notify our team 100 days before your scheduled departure. Failure to do so will result in an additional service fee of $100.00.


Am I able to book after a destination is closed on the site?

As long as slots are still available, even after the initial booking date, you will still be able to book with us. If the payment schedule for a specific destination has began, you are responsible for following the same payment schedule as the rest of your group.

If I book Land Only and arrive earlier than the group, what are my options?

No worries! Once we arrive, the first day is dedicated to our guides picking our group up from the airport and transferring them to the hotel. If you arrive earlier, you are responsible for your own accommodations before the tour starts with our group.

What if I see other trips on your site that I am interested in? Am I able to book multiple trips at one time?

There is no limit as to the amount of Melanin Globe destinations you can book at one time. Please keep in mind that the payment schedule is the same.

What's included in the destination pricing?

Our prices are based on standard single and double room occupancy. Once you've clicked on the destination of choice, you will be able to review the list of items included, and those that are not. If you need any additional information from our team, please feel free to email us at

What is the difference between the land only and air & land accommodation?

Air & Land option includes your roundtrip airfare and all trip accommodations. Land only option includes all trip accommodations and excludes the roundtrip airfare. with the land only option, you are also responsible for your roundtrip ground transfers to our hotel on arrival and departure dates.

Can you book more than 2 people in a double room?

No. Your two options are a single, one person, or double occupancy, for two. Your third person would need to either book as a single traveler, or a single traveler interested in room matching.

What if my spouse/partner is traveling with me, should we book a single room to guarantee one bed?

No. You would still need to book the double occupancy option. We will verify your information with you at a later time to make sure that this information is correct.

Visa & Passport

Do you apply for the U.S. Visa for your travelers?

No. Your U.S. Visa is not included in any of our tour packages, however, our team will provide you with step-by-step directions. We can also provide you the necessary documents and information so that you can get your Visa on your own.

Can I book a trip if I have not already applied for my passport?

Yes. You may be able to reserve your slot without your passport. You must have a valid passport number in hand before you arrive at the airport. We will verify this information 60-90 days prior to departure, so we ask that you begin working on your passport application shortly after you reserve your slot. As you are planning for your next trip, remember to keep in mind how long it takes to get a passport once you've applied.

Travel Protection

Does Melanin Globe require Travelers to purchase travel protection?

The Company requires all Travelers to purchase “Cancel for any Reason” travel protection (“protection”). Cancel for any Reason travel protection must be purchased within 72 hours of booking. Traveler must provide proof of Cancel for any Reason travel protection via email at It is Traveler’s responsibility to thoroughly review the terms and conditions of the Cancel for any Reason travel protection Traveler purchases. Company is not responsible for Traveler’s selection of Cancel for any Reason travel protection. In the event that Traveler seeks to state a claim pursuant to Traveler’s Cancel for any Reason travel protection policy, Traveler will file a claim with the Company that issued the policy. Traveler must indicate any intent to cancel via the Traveler’s Secured Client Portal accessible via Company’s website.

Does Melanin Globe offer travel protection?

No, Melanin Globe does not offer travel protection.


If I do not reside in the United States, can I arrange my own flights?

This is our "Land Only" option. You would need to book as a land only traveler, and meet us at our destination. Melanin Globe will still provide you with the complete itinerary and flight schedule.

What happens if I miss my flight, and I arrive later than the group?

If you arrive later than the first day, it is possible that you might miss the first day with our group. You will not be refunded for that part, however you will still be able to catch up once you arrive.

Am I allowed to upgrade my seat?

Yes. Our general seating is economy seating. If you are interested in upgrading to business/first class, or an extra leg room seat, we ask that you wait until our team provides you with your electronic airline ticket with your information. Please note: This is a group booking, therefore, we cannot guarantee seat preferences (aisle, middle, window seat).

How soon before we depart do you provide us with the electronic ticket?

Please allow 15-21 days prior to the date of departure to receive your electronic ticket from our team.

How many bags am I allowed to bring with me for group travel?

Melanin Globe group travel rule: One carry-on OR checked-luggage and a personal item. This means we are asking that you pack wisely. Please keep in mind that this is group travel. Outside of the space available on the plane, we need to be sure that we can accommodate our entire group's luggage on our transportation.

What happens if my flight is delayed or canceled by the airline and I miss the group flight?

If you do not purchase travel protection, Melanin Globe is not responsible for airline schedule changes, flight cancellations, or airline delays due to weather, mechanical requirements, or any other reasons. Melanin Globe is not responsible for costs associated with rebooking a new flight to meet the group at our final destination.


How does Melanin Globe handle travel advisories about the destination that I am traveling to?

In the event that the U.S Department of State issues a Travel Advisory Level 4 WITHIN 60 DAYS of your departure, stating that Americans should not travel to any location included in your tour itinerary, we are required to notify you immediately, and select a different tour.


Does Melanin Globe offer refunds?

The Company does not issue refunds for any reason. However, Company will only provide a travel credit if the trip is suspended by Company. Any travel credit must be used within 12 months from the date the credit is issued.


Are optional tours refundable?

If Melanin Globe is notified that an optional tour needs to be cancelled, we will issue a refund back to your credit/debit card used to pay the invoice. If a tour is not interrupted, but you decide that you would like to do something differently instead, these funds will not be refunded.

How long do the daily group tours usually last?

Prepare to bring your walking shoes and snacks for the bus! We pride ourselves on giving you a real experience around the country or city that you will be visiting. Most of our tours are usually half-day tours, while others can last a full day. Our team will always share this information with you ahead of time so that you know how to dress for the day.

Is there a set time for tours? How important is it to be on time?

Yes. There will always be a set time for group tours, so please make sure that you are on time. We will always share with you the departure time for the following day the night before departure so that you know exactly how to prepare. Once we share the times for breakfast and the morning departure time, we expect for you to hold yourself accountable to follow that schedule. If you are not outside and ready to depart on time, you will be responsible for finding transportation to meet the group. You will not be refunded for your transportation fee, so we highly recommend you making sure that you're on time.


My trip has been canceled by your company. What's next?

If you were booked on a tour that has been cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic, you will automatically receive a credit of 100% of monies* paid of your deposit or full payment** with an expiry date of December 31, 2022. This excludes additional flights or insurance as they will have their own booking conditions. You do not need to contact us to confirm your travel credit as it has been automatically applied to your Melanin Globe booking file. Simply contact us when the time comes that you are ready to re-book. You can redeem your travel credit on almost any Melanin Globe trip globally, so it does not have to be the same tour you were originally booked on. We want to provide you with as much flexibility as we can, so that you have plenty of time to plan and re-book your future travel with us. *You will not receive a 100% credit voucher if your booking was made during a sale promotion.

What does a credit cover?

Your 100% travel credit includes your Melanin Globe trip and any pre and post-trip accommodation or airport transfers you booked through us. It does not include any flights or insurance we have booked for you, as they will each have their own individual booking conditions associated with the provider.

When will new trips be available to plan my next destination with my voucher and how can I use my voucher now?

Destinations are either available now or they will be on sale in the coming weeks. Please make sure that you subscribe to our website to receive weekly newsletters.

What about my domestic trip?

Our standard cancellation policy applies. If we must cancel your domestic trip due to Covid, you will be issued a full credit. Please note: Travel insurance is required.

How are Melanin Globe's operational procedures adapting?

For all of our upcoming trips, we are working as a team to adapt our operations. All of our trips are different, so specific plans will be circumstantial with consideration of local restrictions. We are working with our travel guides on a case by case basis to develop best practices for every destination. That being said, we have blanket procedures that will be practiced on ALL of our trips. This includes gloves and face masks worn during all food prep and water filtration. Requiring guests to pack face masks and hand sanitizer. Face masks may be required at certain points during your trips. Social distancing on the trail will be encouraged, but enforced when approaching outside groups/individuals. Wearing face masks when transferring in vehicles. We’ll be cognizant in spacing out during meals and in lodging. Your guides will have more specific procedures for your trip. (Assigning bathrooms, reducing touch points, wiping down vehicles, etc.) We are also asking that YOU practice self leadership.

  • If you are at a higher risk, we strongly recommend that you choose to not travel.
  • If you have shown any symptoms of Covid, we ask that you do not travel.

  • Fever (100.4°F/38°C or higher) or chills?
  • Cough that you cannot attribute to another health condition?
  • Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing that you cannot attribute to another health condition?
  • Sore throat that you cannot attribute to another health condition?
  • Muscle aches that you cannot attribute to another health condition, or that may have been caused by a specific activity (such as physical exercise)?
  • Loss of taste or smell?
  • If you’ve been in contact with someone showing flu-like symptoms in the 14 days leading up to your trip, we ask that you do not travel.
Lastly, please only travel if you feel comfortable. During this time, it is a very personal choice. There is no wrong or right answer, only what is best for you.

What if I travel and get sick or quarantined by the local government?

We will follow policies and advice of the local authorities and your Melanin Globe travel coordinators will assist you as much as possible – including contacting your emergency contacts and assisting with local medical facilities. We strongly recommend checking your travel insurance policy before you travel to determine what level of insurance coverage you may be eligible for in the event that you are quarantined or get sick while traveling. Direct all coverage questions directly to your provider. We recommend a contingency fund for unavoidable situations such as severe weather, natural disasters and civil unrest when you travel. With this in mind, we recommend you carry US $500 for medical expenses in case it is needed. Please note that Melanin Globe is not responsible for additional costs due to quarantines and/or medical sickness.

What screening procedures are in place at my destination?

Every port of entry will have its own screening requirements in place. If you have traveled through a country affected by Covid-19, you may be denied entry or be required to quarantine for a period of time. Before arriving at your destination, you will need to make sure you meet all entry and exit requirements. Many countries have put in place new entry measures due to the Covid-19 outbreak and these are changing daily. We strongly recommend that you check this information frequently. The link below has information on screening and COVID-19 per country.


Below are helpful links to Facts and Stats for you to reference as you gear up for all of your travel domestically and abroad in 2020. Facts about Coronavirus- Symptoms/Transmission/Precaution/Treatment CDC Entire Situation Summary US State Department Travel Advisories–china.html Country Specific COVID-19 Information

What are the Melanin Globe COVID-19 PCR test requirements?

Before you travel

There may be specific departure requirements in your country before you leave. If so, we will update you prior to your travel dates.

The COVID‑19 PCR test requirements for Melanin Globe have changed.

Effective January 1, 2021, Melanin Globe travelers must present a negative COVID‑19 PCR test certificate that is valid for 72 hours from the date of the test before an international or domestic departure for the safety of our staff and travel members. The certificate must be for a polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test. Other test certificates including antibody tests and home testing kits are not accepted. If you are taking a test before you depart, you must bring an official, printed certificate in English to check in. Please note that SMS and digital certificates are not accepted. If the test result is positive, you will be required to file an insurance claim with your travel insurance provider, but you are not allowed to participate in the upcoming destination.

Why have you canceled the destinations on your site through April 1, 2021?

Due to the ongoing global impact of coronavirus (COVID-19) and with many international borders remaining closed for an extended period of time we have had no choice but to cancel the majority of tours until at least March 31, 2021. We are monitoring the situation very closely and will continue to provide updates here if the cancellation of tours is to be extended further.

Why is Melanin Globe asking me to accept a credit?

By taking the 100% credit voucher it will help us employ countless numbers of people both in our offices and destinations, and it will enable us to offer you the best service and trips imaginable when the world opens up again. We understand that some of our tribe members have also lost jobs and income as a result of the pandemic and a credit simply won’t cut it. We are not denying those people refunds, and their wellbeing is extremely important to us. By accepting that 100% travel credit and keeping your trust in Melanin Globe, you’re making a down payment on the kind of world you want to see when the worst of this coronavirus epidemic has passed.

What if the credit doesn't suit my personal situation?

The majority of our customers have been happy to receive a 100% travel credit, but we understand that in some instances this will not suit your personal situation. If this is the case for you, please file an insurance claim with your provider. Allow them to review your case in line with original Booking Conditions at time of your booking.

Do the Melanin Globe booking conditions that were applicable at the time of booking still apply?

Yes, they do. In addition to the cancellation options available to you under these booking conditions, we are also offering you the option of accepting an 100% travel credit and a later date for full payment for bookings with tour dates in the future.

Why do you wait one to two months before a departure date to notify your groups of whether or not the trip will be canceled or move forward?

Our tribe members come from all over the world, which means each traveler will be facing a different level of travel restrictions, depending on where they live. Due to the ever-changing nature of the variety of travel restrictions, we are waiting until between one and two months before a trip is scheduled to depart to make a decision on whether the trip will be running or not, in an effort to keep the possibility of travelling viable for any travelers who may be in a position to do so. All travelers will be notified of their options at least one month before they are scheduled to depart to allow them time to make any changes to their current arrangements.

How do I know if you're going to proceed with my destination?

We have a small number of trips departing in specific locations where travel restrictions have eased and our COVID-19 Safe Travels protocols can be met. If you have a booking with us, you will be contacted directly by us via email with an update on your trip and what is happening with your booking, regardless of whether your trip is departing or not.


How do I view RSVP events?

  • Login to your account
  • Navigate to your Members Area
  • Click Events
    • Note: Your Upcoming and Past RSVP events are listed.

How do I pay for an Day Getaway event?

Our price is listed on each Day Getaway. For some of our events you will have to pay when you arrive but we accept payments for majority of our Day Getaways.

Room Matching

Can I share a room with another traveler?

Yes! Please keep in mind that room matching is not always guaranteed. We try our best to match solo travelers who are willing to share their hotel room and dismiss the extra fee. At any point, if your roommate decides to cancel their booking, the single supplement fee will be applied.

Travel Disclosure

How do I receive the Melanin Globe Travel Disclosure?

Once your deposit is made you will receive an email from DocuSign to sign the disclosure. If you booked for more than one person he/she will have to fill out the form on the Travel Disclosure page in order for them to recieve their Travel Disclosure form to fill out from Docusign.