Image by Annie Spratt

Travel Coordinator

Please read the content of this page carefully. It includes our hiring requirements, many of which are non-negotiable. We cannot stress enough that you will not be on vacation—your travel tribe will be. Yes, you’ll get to travel, but you will be working. It is your role to ensure your group has the best experience ever and they are open and willing to complete our surveys with great feedback! Melanin Globe is dedicated to serving travelers, rather first-time or experienced travelers, who's interested in traveling with like-minded individuals. 

This position demands a regular and full-time presence and also requires that vacation and other absences are planned in a way that they do not conflict with service requirements.


  • 3+ years of experience in travel or a related field (preferred, not required)

  • 3+ years of experience in public service or a related field 

  • Must be employed, full-time (this position is contract only)

  • Able to work independently and as part of a team. Must have strong oral and written communication skills; must be a good listener. Must be extremely well-organized, able to multitask and prioritize. Need a positive attitude, attention to detail, patience, and persistence.

  • Must be a citizen of (country). 

  • Candidates must be fully vaccinated prior to first destination.

  • Candidates must pass a criminal background check and employment history.


  • Must be experienced with the logistics and details of trip planning. (Seeing the trip through from A to Z).

  • Knowledgeable of group dynamics to ensure the group as a whole has an epic adventure filled with growth, bonding, and fun.

  • Must be able to proactively solve problems and make quick decisions in a professional manner with limited support that maintains an exceptional experience for our travelers (ex. Heavy rain, group pace, excursions cancellations, etc – these examples are just a few previous experiences). 

  • Must be capable of empathy, teaching, understanding of group dynamics, facilitating, coaching through challenges, effective communication, conversation, awareness of self and group needs, and a sense of humor.

  • Confident in organizing large groups, detail-oriented, and competent working independently and remotely. 

  • Must be energetic, focused, and a hardworking person with a love for people, culture, and growing with us as a travel brand.  

  • Must meet the demands of the role. Physical fitness is important for coordinators who are operating walking tours.

  • Experience with Facebook and Instagram is essential. We are looking forward to you keeping our social media platform updates with content from your group’s experience.