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Myra Jane


Myra, a South Carolina native, attended Johnson C. Smith University & earned a Master's degree at Prairie View A&M University, and she's a "teenage boy" mom.

Who would have thought that this little country kid from South Carolina would create a travel community for people that share the exact same interests in adventure travel and meeting like-minded individuals? Being able to connect with some of the most amazing people, has been and created experiences of a lifetime.

She created a group travel experience for friends in 2016, and although it wasn't the ideal international trip, the travel pictures went viral, and she gave it another shot with strangers, and 2022, Melanin Globe celebrates 6 years of existence.

Through Melanin Globe, Myra learned that some of the most enjoyable experiences in life will be shared with people who were once strangers. The relationships and life-long connections are possible. They've happened for her, and it's been a blessing to create a safe space for others as well.

Myra is extremely passionate about being of service to the youth her my own community. Before Melanin Globe was born, in 2014, she founded a nonprofit in York, SC, that has now been renamed Melanin Globe Foundation.

If you're new here, Welcome to Melanin Globe! We look forward to traveling with you.

"Myra Jane"