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I am a proud HBCU alumni & Criminology major that attended Johnson C. Smith University & earned a Master's degree at Prairie View A&M University, and a "boy mom" to a teenager.

Who would have thought that this little country kid from South Carolina would create a travel community for people that share the exact same interests in adventure travel and meeting like-minded individuals? I have to be honest, some days, it still doesn't feel real. None of it. Being able to connect with some of the most amazing people, I always say it's like you meet people you've needed your entire life. Before even thinking about the idea of creating a travel group, I was initially interested in "trying something new" with a few friends to celebrate my 25th birthday.

It was 2016, life was on me hard. I was wrapping up my last year in school, battling silent depression, and was in need of a break away from my reality. Travel, to me, is therapeutic. Okay, I will be honest, it gives you a break away from reality. You're able to escape life, throw on your blockers for a few days, and mentally drift away. I had traveled all over the country alone, so traveling wasn't new to me, but I thought getting the first international experience with people that I knew would make the experience more memorable.

The first international experience wasn't my ideal experience, but it's funny how God works, because we were heading back, and next thing you know, our passport picture goes viral. It was all over the internet, even Beyonce's stylist shared it, then it hit me. There were people interested in this "travel life" too! You're probably saying "Well, I don't need anybody, I just go alone when I want to travel". Solo traveling to another country just isn't my thing, but who cares, now I've found my tribe, and they've used our services to connect and find theirs too! God and his sense of humor. Here I was one day questioning why life felt so crumbled, next thing you know, I'm building a travel company that celebrates five years of existence in 2021.

Through Melanin Globe, I've learned that some of the most enjoyable experiences in life will be shared with people who were once strangers. The relationships and life-long connections are possible. They've happened for me, and they've happened for so many people that've become a part of our travel tribe. Melanin Globe allows me to connect with my inner-child quite often. It's a real joy just thinking about how I was that lil' country kid that loved watching Steve Irwin and Zaboomfoo, and now I've created this space that allows those childhood dreams to become a reality for not only myself, but others.

I am extremely passionate about being of service to the youth in my own community. To everybody that has supported Melanin Globe from the cash app days and no site, from the bottom of my heart, thank you! Because of your love, support, believing in me, or even if you were just doing something to get away, you've strengthened me in the most unbelievable ways. You've fueled my desire to continue to build this tribe, and most importantly, you've helped build a global humanitarian element within this travel brand.

There is no greater feeling in the world. Thank you for taking this ride with me.

The journey of life is amazing, it's challenging, sometimes it's painful, but if your faith is strong, somehow it just all comes together. I've hit the reset button at 29, and everything is about to change in my life, I'm claiming it ahead of time. One day, you're somewhere stressed about events taking place in your life, completely out of your control, and the next thing you know, God has you living in your purpose. During both seasons, please be patient with Him. Thank God for the small wins, thank Him even more for the big ones.

If you're new here, Welcome to Melanin Globe, darling! We look forward to traveling with you.

Light & Love,
"Myra Jane"