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Our Story

Melanin Globe was created by Johnson C. Smith & Prairie View A&M University alumnae, Romira Young, M.S.J.J. to bring travelers new and seasoned together in one space, to experience group travel. In 2016, the journey began with her inviting 14 friends to Mexico to celebrate her 25th birthday. What she didn't realize was the power of social media, and how their group passport image would go viral, and create a brand that has now been experienced by more than 900 travelers. In 2017, she connected with a group of strangers via Facebook, and several months later, 13 women found themselves at the airport en route to Jamaica. What seemed like a weekend getaway and a good time, was truly the beginning of something special. We've taken our tribe to five out of seven continents over the last four years, and there are a few countries that we've added to our list multiple times, so that those who missed out the first time, would have an opportunity to experience it. 


Since learning from poor decision making with destinations early on, oh heck yeah, it happens, Melanin Globe has provided the ideal opportunity for those who crave new experiences and checking off "to-do's" on their bucket list. This was no walk in the park for a young lady who had no clue what to do with a few viral posts and videos, but through trial, error, and God, Melanin Globe will celebrate 5 years in 2021. Our brand has grown tremendously over the last couple of years, and by the grace of God, we've held a record for quite some time of selling out trips in less than 24 hours, and exceeding our travel tribe's expectations!


If you are traveling with us in the near future, you now have the pleasure to meet some of the most amazing travel coordinators who have only added value to our brand. The secret to longevity and success is building a strong team of professionals who are committed to serving others. Our team is filled with experts in tourism and travel, and we all are committed to sharing their wealth of knowledge and experience with our tribe, new members and those returning for another round. In addition, our standing relationships with the world’s leading airlines, international tour companies, resorts and hotels enable us to negotiate and create the best experiences.

Many of our tours are designed specifically for small groups, with a balanced mix of sightseeing, cultural encounters, and leisure time. Most importantly, we limit our tour experiences to a specific number of guests, depending on the destination to ensure freedom, flexibility, and also so guests may enjoy a more personal and authentic travel experience.


We're excited to share a piece of the world with you!

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